Harley Davidson Decorating Ideas for the Home

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Harley Davidson Decorating Ideas for the Home

Okay, well it might not be to everyone’s taste but the Harley Davidson theme is bound to light up any little boy’s or man’s eyes. So ladies, if you are looking for some harley davidson decorating ideas for the man or men in your life (big or small!) then look no further than this article.

For a long time now the Harley Davidson motorbike has been steering guys into thinking that they have to get themselves one of those. Perhaps the woman in their life (wife, girlfriend or mother) has put her foot down firmly and the echo of a resounding ‘no’ is still ringing in her victims ears. Okay maybe that sounds a little dramatic but I trust that you get what I mean. If this is the case then maybe you could compromise with a Harley Davidson theme for at least one room in the house? It’s surely not too much to ask and it’s possibly safe to say that at least there may not be a motorbike parked out in the driveway anytime soon because you might just have quenched his thirst for one with these Harley Davidson decorating ideas for any room in the house.

One of the most original bedroom decorating ideas is to paint. The traditional Harley Davidson colors are black, white and orange and you can use as much or as little of these colors as you want in the room. Adding some orange flames on the wall from the ground up just adds to the intensity of the design. You could also paint a mural onto the wall by using a picture or stencil of a Harley Davidson emblem onto it. There is also so many items of memorabilia that you can collect to reinforce the theme such as hats, t-shirts and chrome garage shelving to name but a few. If that wasn’t enough to melt his heart then set the room on fire (not literally of course!) with some Harley Davidson bedding and rugs on the floor.

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